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What is the Daniel Fast Diet

Fasting was originally generated by religions and hence multiple religions have many fast. We have discussed many fast with you previously and now we will discuss Daniel diet which is based on the Jewish religious fast which occurs for 21 days.

According to Jewish and Christian Tradition, Daniel was a young Israelite who was sent to Babylon to stay there with King Nebuchadnezzar who had captured the Israelite state, Judah.

Daniel and his companions accepted to stay at the royal palace but refused to eat royal foods containing Bread, wine and meat and had eaten normal food( vegetables, water) which was according to his religion. Hence Daniel fast contains vegetables and water mainly as its main constituents.

We can assume that Daniel fast is an old and traditional form of a plant-based diet and today plant-based diet is a reformed way of it.

What does the Daniel fast do to your body?

According to the NCBI report on the 21 days, Daniel fast which was done on 43 subjects (13 men and 30 women) concluded that Daniel fast helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

Daniel Fast’s Food List

We will now discuss a food list or items which can be eaten during daniel diet or fast.

You can have fruits and vegetables in Daniel fast but it should be fresh; canned, dried or frozen.

You can have whole grains (oats, brown rice, barley, corn), seed and nuts.

In the case of liquid, you can only have water as the primary and last source. There can be no alcohol or any other type of drinks are allowed in the fast.

Now we will also discuss a list of food that need to avoid in the daniel fast duration:-

  • All types of meat products and types like beef, bacon, chicken etc.
  • All type of dairy product like cheese, cream, milk etc.
  • All type of sweetness related products like honey, sugar, molasses, artificial sweeteners, syrup and sugarcane.
  • All deep-fried foods
  • All types of alcoholics beverages.

Daniel Fast meal plan

We will now discuss a 7-day daniel fast meal and some of the recipes which you can have during a daniel fast meal.

1st Day: You can have Oatmeals with fruits and nuts for breakfast. You can have Lettuce wraps with hummus and veggies and have corn chowder soup at the dinner.

2nd Day: You can have Fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast, corn chowder soup for lunch and Mediterranean salad for dinner.

3rd Day: You can have oatmeals with fruits and nuts, can have a Mediterranean salad at lunch and roasted veggies.

4th Day: You can have a fruit and nut bowl for breakfast, Salad and an extra whole-grain bowl in lunch and lentil soup at dinner.

5th Day: You can have baked potatoes for breakfast, lentil soup in the lunch and white bean spinach soup at night.

6th Day:  You can have a fruit and veggie smoothie in the breakfast, Lettuce wraps with beans and veggies in the lunch, fried vegetables with brown rice in the dinner.

7th Day: You can have a Harvest fruit and nut bowl in the breakfast, extra stir fry and brown rice in the lunch and southwest salad in the dinner.

Daniel Diet/Fast Recipes

We will now discuss some of the recipes which you should use in daniel fast.

  1. Easy Sheet Pan Dinner:  This recipe is full of veggies and flavour which is very tasty and nice in Daniel diet. You need Brocolli, red onion, sweet potatoes, red pepper, chickpea, olive oil, spices and lemon for this. Chopped the veggies, add the drained chickpea and mix with olive oil and spices. Now bake the mixture in the oven for 30 min.
  2. Chickpea Curry: Chickpea curry is exactly the same as the Indian Chickpea recipe, just boil the chickpeas, make the gravy with tomatoes and onion with spices and then add boiled chickpeas in the mixture and here is the chickpea curry. 
  3. Mexican Sweet potatoes:  This dish associated with sweet potatoes are topped with black bean salsa and corn. You can start the recipe by baking the already cut sweet potatoes, then rubbing them with olive oil and kosher salt, then again bake the potatoes. Afterwards, you can add black bean salsa, cream cilantro sauce and corn on it.
  4. Spaghetti squash spaghetti: Roast the spaghetti squash and cook it in an instant pot for 20-30 minutes. Then top it with marinara sauce and add chickpea as a topping and here you go with spaghetti squash dish. You can add more protein to this by adding Goat milk cheese.