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Research has shown people are not getting enough sleep, and many don’t even realize it. It is important to get quality sleep because it has a big impact on your life. You might not know the benefits of sleep until you start getting quality sleep. Getting five or six hours of sleep a night is not a good idea. The moment you start to get enough sleep, you get more energy to last you through the day and also increases your productivity.

Some tips to have a good sleep

Below are some remedies to help you. Keep in mind you need to put in some effort to get the best results. Be consistent and you should start seeing some great results after a couple of days.

One of the most important tips to get good sleep is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Your brain is going to get used to that time, and you don’t have to struggle when waking up. After some time, you will find yourself waking up at that time without an alarm. This can be you in a few weeks. The body’s internal clock gets confused if you keep sleeping and waking up at different times every day. It can be tempting to sleep more during the weekends to make up for the sleep you didn’t get during the week, but this is not a good idea. You can easily mess the body’s internal clock, then find yourself having a hard time waking up on Monday.

Where you sleep is also important. Make your bedroom conducive for sleep. Avoid working from your bed because the brain is going to associate it with that. Your bedroom should be for sleeping only. When you enter your bedroom, your brain knows it is time to sleep. Noise, light and, high temperatures are not good for your sleep. Find a way to get rid of noise and light. Your room needs to be dark, cool, and quiet.

Best and worst foods for good sleep

The food you eat also has a big impact on the quality of sleep. There are some foods that have been shown to affect sleep. Try to eat a couple of hours before bedtime. If you feel hungry close to bedtime, choose something like an apple or glass of milk. Eating a heavy meal before bedtime is going to affect your sleep because the body needs a lot of energy to digest the food.

You should also avoid acidic and spicy foods close to your bedtime. Sugary foods might make you feel good, but it is not good for your health and sleep.

When people drink alcohol, they start to feel sleepy. This is why some people turn to the bottle any time they find it hard to fall asleep. It is better to focus on the cause of lack of sleep instead of looking for a shortcut. While you are going to fall asleep after drinking, the quality of sleep you will be getting is not that good. You might find yourself getting up many times during the night. You will not reach the deep stages of sleep, which means your body is not going to get enough rest.

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Make sure you drink only in the morning and maybe at noon. Caffeine keeps you awake, and the effect is going to be there hours after drinking. The cup of coffee you had at 4 pm is going to make it harder for you to sleep.

Good sleep benefits

There are many benefits of getting good sleep, and most of them are backed by studies and research. When you give your body the sleep it needs, it boosts your immune system and you can easily fight whatever comes your way – like colds and flu. Sleep can also prevent weight gain.

Your mood is going to improve when you get enough sleep. You feel better any time you wake up feeling rested. Your energy levels will be through the roof when you get in the morning. You will be ready to face the day. You become more productive when you are in a good mood because you can focus on your work easily.

When the body is not getting enough sleep, it produces a hormone known as ghrelin. This hormone boost appetite. The production of leptin reduces. This is a hormone that tells your brain you are full. When ghrelin increases and leptin decreases, you most likely end up snacking.

If you are not getting quality and enough sleep, you should start working on it. it is not that hard, provided you are dedicated and serious about it. You have to make small changes to your lifestyle.

Main cause of lack of sleep

A common reason why people are having a hard time sleeping is stress. If you are one of these people, then it is better to deal with the stress first. There is no point in taking sleep pills when you can deal with the stress and fall asleep naturally.

There are different ways to deal with stress, try them out and see which one works for you.

A popular option is journaling. Writing it down can help you feel relaxed. Note down what is worrying you then tell yourself you are going to deal with it in the morning. Journaling is not hard, all you have to do is get a pen and paper. Putting things in writing can help a lot.

Relaxation techniques are great because you will feel less stressed and more relax. People don’t take the time to relax their bodies, and this is why they are tense a lot of the time. There are different relaxation techniques. The important part is choosing one you can easily stick with. Meditation and Yoga are some of the most popular relaxation techniques.


Getting quality sleep isn’t that hard, provided you use these tips to get good sleep. You need to try and get at least seven hours of sleep. If you still have a hard time getting good sleep after using the above tips to get good sleep, then make sure you see a doctor because it could be a sign of a more serious problem.