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We have already discussed Intermittent Fasting on our website and all of its aspects. However, we will also discuss a different fasting approach which is known as alternate day fasting. 

While Intermittent fasting is the fasting process for some time (days, week etc) in which some or all type of food intake is stopped, but alternate day fasting is regular fasting with one full day for food intake and the next day skipping the food. 

How to do Alternate Day Fasting?

Now we will discuss how to do alternate day fasting. If we consider the Plan for one week then the Odd number of days (1,3,5,7) will be the eating day in which food intake will happen, and the even days (2,4,6) will be fasting day. Fasting day will follow 24 hours no eating routine or eating very few calories or no calories at all.

Alternate Day Fasting Results

Alternate Day Fasting is very beneficial in many cases like long life span, reducing belly fat and weight increased ketone bodies which help in reducing excessive body fat and lowered cholesterol levels.

We also want to advise that alternate-day fasting is hunger increasing and hence it may be possible that it may not be easy to have alternate day fasting.

According to the Men health website, Youtuber Brendan jones, loses 14lbs (6 KG approx.) with the help of the alternate day fasting schedule for over 30 days. He also told that the fasting day is very satiating and hunger-inducing at a specific time.

Benefits of alternate day fasting

There are multiple benefits of Alternate day fasting of which we can state these:-

  1. ADF users have reported gaining weight loss and belly loss.
  2. Gaining ketone in the body is known for promoting health in a good manner.
  3. ADF promotes lowered cholesterol levels.
  4. Due to no total abstaining from food, so there is no tension regarding food satiation.

Alternate day fasting vs intermittent fasting

Now many people will surely get confused between alternate-day fasting and intermittent fasting as they are both fasting technique but there is only a time-related difference in both fasting ways.

While Intermittent fasting is done for some time duration in the same day like 16:8 version in which 16 hours fasting is done and afterwards 8 hours is allowed for eating, but in the alternate-day fasting, one-day fasting is done and another day is reserved for eating.