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Atkins Diet is one of the Low carb diets which is used in reducing weight.

Atkins Diet is named after its deviser Dr Robert Atkins. He was himself on medical practice which did not go well at first, and then he began to depress and obese. 

After doing some research, he decided to pursue a low-carbohydrate approach published by Alfred Pennington. He began this practice as his own and began writing a book on the same. He published his first book in 1972 on the Diet and named it Atkins Diet.

In 2002, Atkins got a cardiac arrest, which leads to many critics to point out this event as proof of hidden dangers in the consumption of high levels of fat linked with the Atkins diet. However, Atkins, many times argued over this fact that his cardiac attack was not due to diet, but was rather caused by an infection. However, in many new studies, it was told that saturated fat is not harmful.

Atkins Diet Plan

There are typically 4 stages in the Atkins Diet in which these things are done:

Stage 1 or Phase 1 of Atkins Diet which is also known as Induction is shifting the body into Ketosis phase which will result in the instant weight loss. You will have to intake protein, fats and very less carbohydrate item in daily life.

Stage 2 is when you have to re-introduce the nuts, low amount of Carbohydrates and a small number of fruits in your diet.

Stage 3 is when you’re very close to your goal weight, add more carbs to your diet until weight loss slows down.

Stage 4 is when you have achieved the Weight goal, now again add healthy carbohydrate without intentionally regaining weight.

These stages are mainly seen in every variation of the Atkins diet in which main effort is on to lose weight. In other variation, people most often replace stage 1 with not going into ketosis diet by including veggies and fruits from the very start which is very effective.

Atkins Diet Food List

As many food diets allow some food to eat and disallow some food, Atkins diet also follow this tradition.

Following is the list of some food which is allowed:-

  1. Animal Meat in which all type of meat(Beef, Chicken, pork etc) is allowed.
  2. Fish like salmon, trout, sardines etc.
  3. Eggs.
  4. Low Carbohydrates Vegetables
  5. Full-Fat dairy.
  6. Nuts

Following is the list of some food items which are not allowed in Atkins Diet:-

  1. Sugar in any form e.g. Soft drinks, fruit juices, cakes, ice cream.
  2. Grains like Wheat, Rice, Barley
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. High Carbohydrate Vegetables like Potato, Corn, Pumpkin
  5. High Carbohydrate Fruits like banana, peach, apple, mango.
  6. Starches
  7. Legumes

Atkins Diet Beverages

You can have water, Coffee and Green tea as a drinking option in the Atkins diet in which water provides you with all type of minerals, coffee contains anti-oxidants.

Atkins Diet Snack

Atkins Diet snacks which can be eaten during the period are listed as follows:-

  1. Olives
  2. Berries
  3. Hard-Boiled Eggs
  4. Cheese Slices or Cheese Cubes
  5. Crunchy almond Pretzel
  6. Savoury popcorn and nut mix.
  7. Milk Chocolate Delight

Atkins Meal Plan for 7 days

Now we will start for the Atkins meal plan for 7 days and discuss what you can eat.

Day 1: You can start in Breakfast with Chocolate protein Shake, Toasted Muffin. In snacks, you can have apples or Almond Butter. In Lunch, you can have Baked chicken, 1 cup of broccoli and Diet soda. In Dinner, spinach salad, 2 cups of salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions.

Day 2:  In Breakfast, you can have 3 scrambled eggs, 4 slices of bacon. In snacks, you can have celery, almond butter. In Lunch, you can have 2 ounces of cheese, olives, Diet soda. In Dinner, you can have a shrimp stir fry with mixed Veggies.

Day 3:  In Breakfast, you can have Mini Friates with roasted cauliflower. In snacks, you can have grapes and cheese. In Lunch, you can have hot wings, eggs, 10 olives and diet soda. In Dinner, you can have steak, salad with cucumber, bacon and 2-ounce cheese.

Day 4: In Breakfast, you can have a chocolate protein shake. In snacks, you can have carrot sticks. In Lunch, you can have a salmon salad with fresh fruit. In Dinner, you can have hot tea with lemon, 6 ounces of fish, baked with butter, spice and herbs, 1 cup cooked cauliflower and broccoli.

Day 5: In Breakfast, you can have an egg white with kale, chicken and vegetable soup. In snacks, you can have grapes and cheese. In Lunch, you can have a turkey and avocado on sourdough. In Dinner, you can have 6 ounces of sliced pork roast, 2 cups of lettuce salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions.

Day 6: In Breakfast, you can have a chocolate protein shake. In snacks, you can have carrot sticks and blueberries. In Lunch, you can have a 2 cup of salad with tuna, boiled eggs, cheese. In Dinner, you can have stuffed peppers with roasted potatoes.

Day 7: In Breakfast, you can have a scrambled egg white and grapefruit. In snacks, you can have celery sticks. In Lunch, you can have a shrimp salad sprinkled with lime. In Dinner, you can have 6 ounces of sliced pork roast, 2 cups of lettuce salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions.

What is the difference between Keto and Atkins?

If we see and analyze, then we can easily notice that the Atkins diet has many elements with the Keto diet but there is still some minor difference between them.

While in Keto diet, we need to maintain the nutrient intake moderate protein, high fat, but in Atkins diet there is vice versa case of intake with high protein intake and moderate fat intake.

Keto diet is typically higher in fibre but in Atkins diet quantity is lower; Keto diet induce hunger in higher level than in Atkins Diet.