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Snake Diet!!! A diet which is debated on the promise of guaranteed weight loss by many dieticians and people. For many it is dangerous and for many, it is beneficial on some levels. We will discuss every aspect of snake diet which will clear all your doubts on snake diet.

What is the Snake Diet?

The Snake diet as it defines itself is to adopt the habit of food intake by snakes. Cole Robinson is a Canadian fasting lifestyle coach who is the founder of this Fad diet. He claimed that the snake diet helps to reduce fat. He developed the snake diet while helping their trainee on their weight loss. He found that adding an electrolyte to the water could reduce the chances of fatigue during fasting which is also a part of the snake diet.

If we say that this diet is somewhat middle of Keto diet and intermittent fasting added with a special ingredient, then it would not be a 

Snake Diet Plan

Snake diet is another type of fad diet to reduce the body weight of a person through extreme fasting after having one meal in a day. The person who wants to follow this diet needs to know the process through snake diet plan split into a few steps:-

  1. The first step is where a person has to reach into the Ketosis stage (A process in which the body starts producing ketone) by going into the fasting process for 48 hours. This fast should be aided with Drinks like Snake juice or Apple cider vinegar. After the 48 hours, you can eat for 1-2 hours and afterwards the fasting process will continue for the next 72 hours.
  2. The second phase is to maintain the first step until you can’t tolerate it.
  3. The third phase is After those first two days, you focus on a low-carb, high-fat diet with plates filled with vegetables and little meat.

This pattern can be repeated for many days until the desired weight loss is gained.

Snake Diet Recipe

Here’s the recipe for snake juice on which this fad diet mainly depends can be made at home or can be purchased through Mr Robinson’s official website. 

The following are the ingredients to create snake juice at home :

1. 2 litres of water

2. Himalayan pink salt 2 tbsp

3. No salt (potassium chloride powder) 2 tbsp

4. Baking soda ½ tbsp (optional)

After the first step, a period of 1 hour to eat food here Robinson has specified to eat low carb meal to maintain glycogen levels in the liver, for Low carb and fat meal ratio is 4:1 including vegetables and meat. To understand the 4:1 Ratio, Here’s the example, “if a person eats 100gm of meat included fat then 400gm of vegetables one has to consume”.

The second step is to prolong the 48 hours to 3-4 days of straight fasting or as long as a person can go on after a single meal until a person reaches its desired weight, according to Robinson optimal body weight is when a person is fully ripped.

In the third step after reaching the goal weight, a person has to maintain 24-48 hours of fasting or as long one can continue to prolong that span of fasting so that body natural hunger starts to adjust in mindset

How much weight you can lose on snake diet?

So now comes the main question of how much a person can lose weight by doing this fad diet.

According to Mr Robinson if a person is following this diet properly one can lose weight around 2-3 lbs per day (that’s like 0.9 kgs to 1.3). In 7 days anyone who is doing this fad can easily reduce weight by 9-10 kgs or more depending on your fasting schedule.

Now we should come to the moment where we should discuss whether snake diet is practical or not?

Well if we think about the bad aspect of this diet then we could easily see that this diet appreciate heavy fasting and low food intake. The very first problem is that intermittent fasting for a long period can lead to mood swings and behaviour changes which can issue routine problems. It also can lead the body to metabolism changes which are not suitable for all people.

You can find many blogs and websites who tell us about the snake diet, express negative reviews about this diet and also mention that it is dangerous. Reports say that even achieving weight loss through snake diet will eventually lead your body to a metabolic change which will result in again gaining weight. Hence Snake diet is not so recommendable without any prior prescription.