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I had come to know about the Keto diet when my known and a very good doctor friend was discussing this diet plan with me.

Our point of discussion was finding a way to reduce the body fat without adding the massive exercise to the routine, but end in an interesting and knowledgable digest.

Q1. First of all, I want to know what is a keto diet?

Ans. In the Keto Diet, Food intake contains a high amount of protein with cutting a high amount of carbohydrates, which induce the process of ketosis.

Q2. What is Ketosis? I am not a biology student, so would you simplify this term?

Ans. Majorly your body runs on the nutrients from which one is carbohydrates and others are proteins and fats. When you force your body to stay up on the proteins alone by cutting out the carbohydrates, then the body goes into the natural metabolic state known as ketosis in which the body starts burning fats and hence producing ketones to meet body’s essential nutrients.

Q3. So what happens after the body goes into the ketosis?

Ans. If I say that your body will start losing body fat, then it is not exaggerating. And also you will find a reduction in blood sugar and insulin. Some studies have shown that Ketosis is very helpful in curing the patients having epilepsy.

Q4. What are the food sources which are the main contents of the Carbohydrates nutrients?

Ans. Fruits, Vegetables which grow at roots (Potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc), Sugar-based products.

Q5. What are the food sources which are the main contents of the Fats nutrients?

Ans. Meat-based products, eggs, Milk-based products ( Butter, Cream, Cheese, etc), Oils ( Virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, etc)

Q6. Is there is any side effects related to the Keto Diet?

Ans. Since Ketosis is related to reducing carbohydrates from the diet, it has some of the reactions on the body’s regular functioning and the user can experience temporary body changes as Foul breathe, headache, cramps, craving for sugar, Poor Sleep, Nausea, etc. 

Q7. Is Ketosis a Harmful process?

Ans. No, Ketosis is a natural metabolic process. If done properly in a regularised manner, it will only help you in losing extra fat.

Q8. I have heard somewhere about Ketoacidosis. Is it the same form of Ketosis?

Ans. No, Ketoacidosis is a serious complication rise due to the body producing an excess of blood acids. It usually happens in the body when the body doesn’t have enough insulin to create glucose. It is usually seen in the Type-2 Diabetes Patient.

Q9. What type of people should not follow a Ketosis diet?

Ans. People who are having a record of Kidney problems, Liver issues, Type-1 Diabetes, Heart problems should not consider a Keto diet without physician/ dietician consult.

Women with pregnancy also need to consult before practicing.