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Pickle is a very common food item used in the American market. 

Packed pickles market size globally was estimated at USD 8.16 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 8.45 billion American dollars in 2020.

How to make pickle juice ?

Before proceeding forward, you just need to know that how pickles are prepared.

The recipe for Cucumber based pickles is utter simple:-

Took some cucumber (sliced, or just cut or forked) and put them into the brine solution. Brine solution can be made by adding water, vinegar and salt. After preparing brine, put the cucumber in the jar and pour the brine over them till the cucumber is soaked in brine and refrigerate them.

Now more interesting part; the Pickle juice diet put more concentration on drinking the brine solution of the pickle!!!

Strange but it is true!! 

Drinking brine was first started by those athletes who feel cramps or muscle pain after the exercise. Experts are still finding the reason behind this.

Following are some of the benefits of drinking Pickle juice:-

  1. Muscle cramps relief: Pickle juice is good to get relieved from cramps. It may be due to vinegar as it helps to stop nerve signals which increase cramps sensation.
  2. Hydrated body: Pickle juice hydrate the body with liquid filled with sodium and potassium which get away easily from the body when exercised and it is also fat-free, which help in losing weight.
  3. Pickle juice contains Vitamin C and D which are antioxidants that help the body to remove damaging free radicals.
  4. It helps to maintain a good balance in the gut and stomach due to fermented vinegar.

Does pickle juice help you lose weight ?

As we have already discussed that Pickle juice is beneficial in weight loss as it is fat-free, so we can claim that it doesn’t increase this in the body. 

It is also frequently asked that how much pickle juice is needed to intake for weight loss? 

According to various studies, 1/3 cup of pickle juice is enough to relieve the cramps. It will be sufficient and will affect in equal to drinking water.

Pickle Juice Side Effects

While the Pickle juice diet gives us benefit in some cases, it also creates some problems which we will discuss in the below points:-

  1. Drinking pickle juice regularly can lead to many bodies problems like indigestion, diarrhoea.
  2. Pickle juice contains a high amount of sodium which can lead to stomach bloating and swelling.