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Carnivore Diet is one diet plan for Non-vegetarian lovers that will not say you to leave meat products for the sake of dieting. It is a type of diet where you can only consume non-vegetarian items (meat, fish) and other items like eggs and certain dairy products. The only rule in this diet is to exclude all types of consumables like vegetarian food items.

There was an Ex-Orthopedic doctor named Shawn who preached about this diet effectiveness and claim that this diet can lead to a reduction in depression, stress and obesity.

Carnivore Diet Food List

Following is the carnivore diet food list you can have while following this diet:

  • Meat products
    • Chicken
    • Mutton
    • Pork
    • Beef
    • Organ meat
  • Dairy products
    • Kefir
    • Cheese
    • Heavy Cream
    • Eggs
    • Sour Cream
    • Full fat cream
  • Fish related items
    • Trout
    • Sardine
    • Shrimp
    • Tuna
    • Lobster
    • Mackerel
    • Oyster

Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

We will now discuss a 7-day carnivore diet meal plan which you can follow for this diet.

Day 1: You can have Eggs and steak for breakfast, Roasted salmon for lunch and Steak for Dinner.

Day 2: You can have a Feta Cheese omelette for Breakfast on the second day, Beef or eggs for Lunch and Mutton legs for Dinner.

Day 3: You can have Poached eggs with Bacon for Breakfast, Lamb shoulder leftover for Lunch and Pork shoulder in the Dinner.

Day 4: You can start your day with Kefir with 2 eggs, then can have a Beef roast for lunch and Turkey Burgers in the Night.

Day 5: You can have chicken livers and scrambled eggs in the day starting, then beef livers in lunch and roasted salmon in the Night.

Day 6: You can have a Chicken and Feta omelette in the Morning, Beef liver pieces in the afternoon and Roasted fatty fish in the Night.

Day 7: You can have Bacon and eggs in the Morning, Grilled chicken tenders in the afternoon and Turkey burgers in the Night.

Carnivore Diet Recipes

We will now discuss some of the best carnivore diet recipes with you:-

  1. Carnivore Waffles:- Waffles with only 3 ingredients is the best waffle recipe, you will find on this diet. Take 2 eggs and whisk them into the 1/4 cup of raw sausage. Spray the Waffle iron with Coconut oil and then pour the whisked eggs plus sausage material in it. Then cook it for 3 to 4 minutes.
  2. Carnivore Breakfast Sandwich: Easy and full of nutrients, this is another pick of our that you must try on a carnivore diet. In a large bowl, heat the butter and form patties and cook them until brown on both sides. Fry an egg separately and then place it between the fried patties alongside the tomatoes, sauteed spinach.
  3. Taco Pie: Easy to make within an hour, this recipe was one of the oldest. Heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, cook ground beef and onion in another pan until brown. Spoon into pie plate, top with chillies. Stir milk, eggs and Bisquick mix until blended and pour into pie plate. Bake about 8 to 10 minutes longer. Cool for some minutes and serve.
  4. Air Fryer Meatballs: Delicious meatballs with a new Air frying method is one of the easy recipes on our list. Air frying is a different approach than traditional frying but it is more quick and healthy. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly ( i.e. grass-fed ground beef, 2 eggs, 2 ounces pork rinds, 3 ounces shredded Italian cheese blend, 1 Tsp Pink sea salt and 1 Tbsp Lard) and roll the ball out of the dough. Cook at 350 degrees for 8 minutes and then turn them over and then repeat the process.

Carnivore Diet Snacks

We also want to list some of the snacks that you can have during the carnivore diet:-

  1. Eggs
  2. Beef sticks
  3. Bone Broth
  4. Bacon
  5. Chicken legs
  6. Cheese

You can have your customised items according to your locality and availability and also can consult your dietician.

Carnivore Diet Side Effects

Carnivore diet encourages a non-vegetarian diet over a vegetarian diet, which make it a source full of fat and cholesterol. 

According to some studies, Saturated fat can raise to Bad cholesterol, which can increase your risk of heart disease and some other studies neglect such facts. 

Some processed meat like Bacon contains a high amount of sodium which could lead to kidney problems, High Blood pressure.

While meat is nutritious with fat and protein, still it lacks many nutrients and since the Carnivore diet neglect vegetarian items, it will block all other sources for nutrients. 

Carnivore diet simply deprives you of any fibre sources, which can lead to constipation in some practitioners. So, we could say that following the Carnivore diet for a long time must need a prior suggestion from the dietician. 

If you’re exploring the Carnivore Diet, our calculator is the ultimate resource for a focused and potentially healthier lifestyle.